Morgan D’Angelo

Morgan D’Angelo joined The Piedmont Group in 2015, bringing her exceptional skills and dedication to the role of Customer Service Manager. In her position as Customer Service Manager, she has been instrumental in enhancing client relations and streamlining office operations. As the Customer Service Manager, Morgan’s daily responsibilities include providing assistance to the staff, managing office administration, and maintaining overall organizational efficiency.

In her role as Customer Service Manager, Morgan values the opportunity to resolve complex billing queries and takes great pleasure in planning future projects for the office. These tasks highlight her problem-solving skills and her ability to foresee and plan for the company’s needs. As the Customer Service Manager, her favorite aspect of her job is the ability to directly impact client satisfaction and office productivity.

Morgan’s most significant passion at The Piedmont Group lies in her role as Customer Service Manager, where she focuses on developing continuous employee training programs. This commitment by Morgan to continual learning and development is a testament to her belief in the importance of professional growth. As a Customer Service Manager, she ensures that her team is always equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, a crucial aspect of maintaining high-quality customer service.

Under the leadership of Morgan D’Angelo, the customer service department has seen significant improvements in efficiency and client satisfaction. Her approach as a Customer Service Manager is centered around fostering a learning environment, encouraging her team to grow and adapt continually. She embodies the philosophy that both in the industry and life, learning never stops.

Morgan’s tenure as the Customer Service Manager at The Piedmont Group has been marked by her relentless pursuit of excellence in customer service and employee development. Her efforts as a Customer Service Manager have not only enhanced the team’s capabilities but have also contributed significantly to the company’s reputation for outstanding client service.she