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Our Insurance Philosophies

Critical to the success of our business is the clear message of our values. By establishing and making known our core philosophies, we can create a culture that promotes success, professional and personal growth as well as the clear definition of what is expected each and every day by our agents and staff.

  • PRIDEPride in the “outfit” and confidence in the leadership.
    This means that we come to work each day proud of what we do and our ability to provide quality insurance programs and customer service to our clients.
  • GROWTH We are always hiring.
    Be proud of the fact that we are continually growing and look for opportunities to bring motivated, bright, dynamic people into our organization.
  • DEPENDABILITY It is the agent upon whom all depends.
    Three key factors are trust, respect and sense of urgency. Trust that the agent is doing what is best for the client, respect his or her abilities, and dedication and commitment that they have with our clients. Finally, the agent will complete all tasks assigned with a sense of urgency for the client.
  • COMPETITION Keeping score is basic to our management style.
    Healthy competition is good for our agents and our staff. By keeping score, we can not only track our progress, but set goals that will help us become more efficient with our time and allow us to spend more energy focusing on our clients.
  • CONSISTENCYTrue success is caused by high expectations.
    It is imperative that we send a consistent message in what we say and what we do. Our clients are our top priority and without them, we would not exist. We must be consistent and diligent in our procedures, our actions and our commitment to excellence.
  • APPRECIATIONA person’s loyalty is a function of how much he or she is appreciated.
    We value the hard work and dedication of our agents and our staff. We show our appreciation by providing lunches, rewards, trainings and recognition to thank those who work hard each and every day for our company and for our clients.
  • HONESTYHonest, intelligent effort is always rewarded.
    Honesty is always the best policy. We will not cover up or hide from our clients. We will not deceive our clients either when it come to their policies or their coverages. Being honest does not always mean making easy or popular choices, but does mean that we sincerely want the best for you.
  • PRESENTATIONWe must present ourselves as professionals at all times.
    In the way we talk, dress and correspond, we pride ourselves in our presentation. This means that we are punctual, competitive, discrete, enthusiastic and
    committed to providing prompt service to our clients.
  • COMMITMENTUnder promise and over deliver.
    This simple phrase says it all. We want to exceed our client’s expectations each and every day.