Andy Bennett

Managing Partner

Andy Bennett, the Managing Partner at TPG, is on a mission to transform the general perception of insurance from a necessary safeguard against negatives into a source of positivity and empowerment. Understanding that insurance typically kicks in under adverse circumstances, Andy Bennett is reshaping how people think and feel about their insurance plans. As a Managing Partner, he brings a unique mindset and optimistic outlook, underpinned by his commitment to educating and advising entrepreneurs and clients who choose to collaborate with him and the TPG team.

Andy Bennett’s approach as a Managing Partner goes beyond traditional methods. He emphasizes the importance of candid conversations, where active listening plays a crucial role. His objective is to instill a new sense of confidence and clarity in people regarding their insurance and risk management strategies. This educational approach, advocated by Andy Bennett, ensures clients and agents at TPG are well-informed about the intricacies of insurance, risk management, and strategic planning.

Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Business Administration and Management from West Virginia University, Andy Bennett brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Managing Partner. His educational background further solidifies his capacity to guide and inform in the realm of business and insurance.

Outside his professional life as a Managing Partner, Andy is a family man, married to Allie. Together, they have two sons, Henry and Jack, and reside on their active sod farm, Bullfrog Sod, which Allie manages with her parents’ assistance. Andy’s life at the farm offers a balance to his professional responsibilities, grounding him in the realities that many of his clients face. Besides his work and family life, Andy Bennett has varied interests, including golf, practicing negotiation techniques with his boys, and a deep-seated passion for studying entrepreneurship.

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