Amy Foster

Amy Foster joined our dynamic team in 2012, assuming the pivotal role of Lead Account Executive. Her entry marked a significant enhancement in our client service capabilities. As a Lead Account Executive, Amy has been instrumental in shaping our production team’s success, demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication. Amy Foster’s passion lies in building personal connections with our clients. She thrives on learning about each client’s business journey, their passions, and their future aspirations. This deep understanding forms the foundation of her commitment to providing top-tier service every day.

What distinguishes Amy Foster in her capacity as Lead Account Executive is her ability to rapidly build trust with clients. She ensures that their hard work and investments are comprehensively protected. Specializing in sectors like traditional farms, wineries, breweries, and contracting businesses, Amy Foster brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Committed to professional growth, Amy Foster has earned the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist designation from the International Risk Management Institute. Further enhancing her credentials, she has also been recognized as a Certified Insurance Service Representative by the Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives.

Outside her role as Lead Account Executive, Amy Foster leads an equally active personal life. Together with her husband, Brian, she manages the challenges of parenting three young boys, overseeing a landscape supply business, and contributing to their family beef farm. Despite their bustling lifestyle, Amy and Brian prioritize family time. They enjoy camping trips, immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature and the joy of family bonding. Gatherings at the farm, where friends and family unite around a fire, are special moments for Amy Foster. These experiences embody the values she champions in her role as Lead Account Executive: hard work, family ties, and community spirit. They not only provide Amy Foster with a well-deserved break but also keep her connected to the essence of what she protects for her clients through her role as Lead Account Executive — a testament to her dedication both professionally and personally.